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Let Our Team Create Your Dream

‘Landscapes For Life’ represents our vision – landscapes created, shaped and maintained to enhance the lives of all. We can help you create your dream outdoor space. Great landscaping can contribute to your lifestyle and the enjoyment of your home or it can add appeal and value to the image of your business.

Who we are

We are a family owned, family operated landscaping company that has been servicing the Perth metropolitan area and surrounds since 2009.  Having come from a farming background with strong ties to our local communities, we have an intrinsic value for money attitude, tenacious work ethic and strong commitment to supporting those in need.

The difference between Landscapes For Life and other landscaping companies?

The difference is that we care! Our goal is to help you achieve the best possible outdoor space for your home or business. We want you to LOVE your outdoor space. The results we achieve are there for the world to see – it is our living advertisement, along with your recommendation to others!  With complete customer satisfaction our business is able to grow, and support more charities along the way!

How do we help others?

We’re part of the B1G1 (Buy 1 Give 1). B1G1 is a non-profit organisation and social enterprise platform that enables us to make a difference in the lives of others. We donate a percentage of the proceeds from each landscaping project to worthy causes. We also believe that by working with you, we will improve your quality of life through the enhancement of your surroundings and also the lives of the less fortunate through our guaranteed donation. Together we can help to make a difference to those in need.

Our Team